Live Holographic Cam Shows in 2017

A leading adult webcam company has announced plans to launch the first live holographic porn cam shows sometime next year (2017). The cam shows will be experienced via cheap desktop sized ‘3D pyramids’ that can be bought online very easily. The company (CamSoda) plan to showcase a near life size version of the tech at an upcoming adult industry convention.

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Holo Girls are Here

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Virtual Reality Porn at Naughty America VR

Naughty America is the world’s first premium virtual reality porn site. Real girls in 3D immersive holographic porn – watch their videos through any vr headset including the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. New vr porn movies every single week featuring the world’s top pornstars!


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Microsoft HoloLens Demonstration

O.K., so there is no holographic porn yet for the Microsoft HoloLens…but that’s only because the HoloLens hasn’t yet been released. We can guarentee that within weeks of it getting into the hands of consumers that hologaphic porn will quickly follow. In the meantime, here is a YouTube demo of the device being used to play Minecraft on a table top. Substitute the bricks of Minecraft and visualise dancing naked 3D girls and you get an idea of how this thing is going to transform your daily fap!

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Holographic Phone Porn Coming Soon!

How long will it be before you can watch holographic porn on your smartphone? The answer might surpise you. Holographic phone porn could be just months away – at least of the ‘pseudo holographic’ kind. Amazon are expected to announce a ‘3D hologram phone’ that uses head tracking tech to create the appearance of a 3D hologram behind the phone screen on June 18th. Meanwhile, real holographic phones could be on the market by 2016 according to an American company with links to DARPA. They claim that a breakthrough in chip technology will lead to smartphones being able to project high definition nude holograms in thin air within the next 2 years.

You can be sure we will bring you free previews of the world’s first holographic phone porn movies!

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Hard 3D TV Porn Video

2D video preview of a hard 3D stereoscopic porn scene featuring a pretty young woman getting fucked hard in her mouth and then her sweet pussy. It won’t be long before you can watch stuff like this as holographic porn…

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Skype Promise 3D Holographic Video Chat

Sex Skyping is about to get a whole lot sexier. Imaging talking to a hot 18 year old Russian girl on Skype, but instead of s little video screen on your laptop, she appears in three dimensions as real as though she was in the same room and you could reach out and touch her? Well this might still be some years off, but Skype and Microsoft have promised us that in a joint partnership they are working on making holographic video chat a reality :

While many companies continue to make do with audio-only conference calls, or possibly ones where remote participants are stuck up on a video screen, Skype is hoping that one day it’ll be able to offer businesses technology that creates 3D holographic avatars, with participants – both present and remote – sitting around the same table.

Microsoft’s corporate vice-president for Skype, Mark Gillett, told the BBC this week that the company had recently achieved the futuristic-sounding scenario in a lab, although it could be many years before the technology is rolled out to businesses.

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3D Girl Masturbates

Watch a real 3D girl masturbate in front of your eyes, and just think how even more amazing this will be in a few years when you can fap off to a 3D hologram of her masturbating in your living room!

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Real 3D Porn Video

Cute teen and her boyfriend go at it doggystyle in a real 3D porn video for anaglyph red blue glasses. This is almost as good as being in the bedroom of a teen couple, stroking your cock while they suck and fuck in front of you!

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3D Stereo Porn Movie

Cute girl with a beautiful tight body gets it ravaged and fucked hard in this real stereo 3D porn movie.  Put on a pair of traditional anaglyph red blue glasses and watch the girl and boy come out of the screen and appear to be fucking each other right in front of your eyes…and your cock!

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When Will Holographic Porn be Ready?

Unfortunately, there is no holographic porn on the market to watch as of today, and for that matter, no holographic television or screen to watch any on.  However, the technology is progressing fast, and it’s a question of if and not when we will be able to enjoy holographic porn.  As soon as true holographic porn becomes available we will be posting news and previews here.  Meanwhile, we intend to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in holographic technology, as well as showing you some of the best movies from the next best thing to holographic porn – stereoscopic 3D porn!

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